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Committing to confirmation

Parents can help preserve time for teens' faith formation

The start of a school year brings fresh opportunities for kids to dive into activities. Whether it's the beginning of soccer season or dance team practice, a variety of extracurricular endeavors compete each autumn for our kids' attention and time.

For families who want to keep faith formation a priority, preserving time in their children's schedules for it can be a challenge — especially for moms and dads with confirmation-aged youth. At many ELCA churches, young teens are invited to attend weekly or monthly confirmation classes that take place over one to three years.

design picsAlthough confirmation is a commitment, the experience can provide a framework for an ever-expanding faith life. "Confirmation is like a gift that our church offers to help establish patterns of discipleship and patterns of faith," said Christian Muellerleile, a co-leader of the four-year confirmation program at Zion Lutheran Church, Litchfield, Minn. "It's a commitment, but it's a commitment in the same way that going to a family dinner or a family gathering is a commitment. It's something we actually want to make time for.

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