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On Nov. 22, Americans will focus on gathering, feasting and gratefulness. But many can't celebrate Thanksgiving because they're either working or simply have no place to go or people to be with. Thanksgiving has become "a time to share our lives with those who have no place to go," said Judy Gittus, membership secretary of Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minn.

A Denver bus driver is surprised with
A Denver bus driver is surprised with a Thanksgiving meal delivered by House for all Sinners and Saints.

Each year, Bethel and House For All Sinners and Saints in Denver reach out to others on Thanksgiving. Their ministries are different, but the goals are similar: "We try to give blessings and be blessings," said Nadia Bolz-Weber, pastor of the Denver church.

For five years, House For All Sinners and Saints has made turkey sandwiches and other dishes, delivering them to some 600 people who have to work on Thanksgiving Day.

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