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From pool hall to bank

Cyndi Ganzkow-Wold has been preaching in a converted pool hall.

But she and Elk River (Minn.) Lutheran Church are growing and preparing to set down new roots. Elk River formed in 2010 after some members left Central Lutheran Church, Elk River, which withdrew from the ELCA.

Some 60 people started the church (January 2011, "Moving forward"), which now has more than 450 members.

Their new home is downtown Elk River in the former First National Bank building. For $1.2 million, the church got 19,000-square-feet of prime real estate for about the same amount as it was paying for rent at the pool hall, according to WCCO radio. They hope to be in the building by Christmas Eve.


Robert Buntrock

Robert Buntrock

Posted at 8:52 pm (U.S. Eastern) 10/3/2012

Good to hear that at least some ELCAers returned to the fold after their congragations left the ELCA. Particularly of interest since we lived in Nearby Princeton MN from 1999-2004.  Keep reporting on those faithful who came back to the ELCA even though their congregations left.  There must be more, I least I hope there is.

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