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Youth look to aid vulnerable

Test how we follow Jesus' embrace of poor, outcasts

In Q&A forums I am often asked, "What can we do to get more young adults in church?" As the parent of six young adults, I can identify with the question. With you I have a commitment to sharing the good news of Jesus, passing on the faith and supporting the next generation of leaders emerging in the church.

My response to the question is to suggest that we begin with where young adults are leading us and listen to what they are saying about the church, religion and faith. When I begin there, I become far more hopeful as well as challenged.

On our churchwide staff, we are blessed with a growing number of young adults, including summer interns. Many have had global experiences, such as through the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program. They bring a passion for a church that is responsive to human cries for justice and mercy. They remind me that faith is lived out in our complex, diverse and rapidly changing world.

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