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Engaging children in worship, service

They bake communion bread and tend the congregation's garden

At Living Grace Lutheran Church, Tucker, Ga., raising children in the faith means the bread isn't going to rise but vegetables will rise from the ground.

The majority of the congregation's members is over age 30. They have four youth, with the rest of the children ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years. "We look at these children as our future church," said Leanne Beutler, worship and music chair. "So how can we enfold them into the worship experience and service to the church?"

At Living Grace Lutheran Church, Tucker,
At Living Grace Lutheran Church, Tucker, Ga., youth make bread for communion and plant a garden.

This topic came up one day as Beutler and a few members discussed how to "engage the children in the life of the church and not just in the Sunday school." An idea on how to do this came about after member Stephanie Cunefare told Beutler she would like to help with the children.

While she didn't want to teach and music was not her strong suit, Cunefare said she could bake. She had found a recipe for unleavened bread in a cookbook that had Bible land recipes. Using this recipe, Cunefare and members decided to involve the kids in worship by baking communion bread.

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