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• The United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany agreed to eucharistic fellowship with the Mennonite church. The Evangelical Church in Germany also joined the agreement.

• South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu will visit Norway to give support to the country's homosexuals, who can't be ordained. Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, said in a letter to Norwegian Bishop Rosemarie Koehn that the Norwegian Lutheran Church discriminates against homosexuals the way the former apartheid regime in South Africa discriminated against blacks.

• World membership in Orthodox churches, estimated at between 200 million and 250 million, is growing because of Christian revival in former communist countries. The Bucharest Patriarchate's Vestitorul Ortodoxiei journal reported that the Romanian Orthodox church makes up 87 percent of the country's 23 million citizens, making it the second largest Orthodox community after the Russian Orthodox Church's 100 million to 150 million members.

• At least 49 Swedish Lutheran pastors protested to their bishop about what they called his encouragement of gay marriages in their churches. The pastors wrote to Bishop Lars Eckerdal after he gave permission for two men to exchange wedding rings in a Göteborg church last year.

• Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey criticized a proposed statement on marriage by the Church of England that suggests the church stop talking about people "living in sin" if they are not married. "Those who choose to cohabit on the grounds that their relationship is a private matter and has nothing to do with the wider society are, frankly, deluding themselves," Carey said.

• The Faith & Values channel announced recently that it has broken the 25 million subscriber mark and has become the eighth fastest growing, ad-supported cable network of the 32 networks monitored by the A.C. Nielsen company.

• Moses Muthuswami will serve as the first full-time missionary sent abroad by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore. He'll serve in the Bangladesh Lutheran Church.

• Pastors and congregational representatives of the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti signed the church's constitution in Caradeux. Five Haitian pastors serve more than 3,200 members in the island nation.

• The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria decided that its pastors may "in exceptional cases" marry a church member and a Jewish or Muslim partner, on the conditions that the marriage ceremony be conducted in a church service and that children born into the marriage be baptized as Protestants.

• The German Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Ukraine split, according to a report from a German evangelical news agency. Some 50 church members founded the Evangelical Church of the Brethren Odessa and Environs. The new church's leader complained that pietism in the old church was increasingly replaced by a cultural Protestantism that doesn't go beyond baptism.


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