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Maas, Hazelwood elected bishops of Nebraska and New England synods

Elected: Brian D. Maas, 48, as bishop of the Nebraska Synod for a six-year term, effective Sept 1.

Brian D. Maas
Brian D. Maas

When: June 2 on the fourth ballot with 432 votes. Kathy Gerking, interim pastor of Bethesda Lutheran Church, Ames, Iowa, received 189 votes.

Bio: Pastor of First Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Neb. Previously served congregations in Tekamah, Neb., and Kansas City, Mo.

Replaces: David L. deFreese, who served as bishop for two terms.


James E. Hazelwood
James E. Hazelwood

Elected: James E. Hazelwood, 53, as bishop of the New England Synod for a six-year term, effective Sept. 1.

When: June 9 on the fifth ballot with 325 votes. Timothy R. Oslovich, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Vernon, Conn., received 235 votes.

Bio: Pastor of St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Charlestown, R.I. Previously served Bethany Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Replaces: Margaret G. Payne, who is retiring after serving two terms as bishop.



James A. Justman, 55, to a third six-year term as bishop of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin, on the first ballot with 256 votes. Steven Gjerde, pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, Wausau, Wis., received 37 votes.

Stephen S. Talmage, 53, to a second six-year term as bishop of the Grand Canyon Synod, on the first ballot. Talmage received 228 of 261 votes.


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