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Michigan congregations love a good bus ride

When the congregations Cori Johnson serves hear the words "installation service," they immediately think "bus."

It's no wonder. When she was installed as pastor of Gethsemane (Wallace) and St. Stephen (Stephenson) Lutheran churches in Michigan last year, the service of installation was split between the two.

Cori Johnson leads worship for members
Cori Johnson leads worship for members of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Wallace, Mich., on a bus bound for Hancock, Mich.

"We began the service at Gethsemane and did the whole service through the part where the pastor gets the charges by the font, pulpit and altar," Johnson said. "Then we recessed everybody out, loaded some on a bus we had rented for the occasion, and had the rest follow in cars [to St. Stephen]. We had a police escort. Then we restarted the installation service there."

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