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Getting situated

Entering church, finding your place are part of the wonder of worship

Entering a church for the umpteenth time, one knows the routine. Familiar faces abound. Navigating the space is as easy as walking around your own kitchen. Even the smell of the entryway lends its own cozy hello.

Entering a church for the first time is a different story. One mostly wants to blend in. The air doesn't feel as fresh or inviting as it does to "a regular."

Seriously introverted guests know the best strategy of all. They show up as close to the start of worship as possible. This way the risk of social awkwardness drops off dramatically.

If you arrive too early, you have to try to look comfortable. Or you could poke around for the restroom. The restroom has always been a clever hangout for killing time, at least for those who discovered as much at their first homecoming dance in high school.

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