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Robe to be on display

To celebrate Peter Muhlenberg Day and the 300th birthday of Henry Muhlenberg on Aug. 12, John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg's clerical robe (see below) will be on display at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Woodstock, Va.

John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg was a Lutheran pastor in Virginia and a regimental commander in the Revolutionary War.

In this photo from 2007, PBS History
In this photo from 2007, PBS History Detectives host Elyse Luray (left) talks with Mary Redline, library archives/project manager at the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia, about Peter Muhlenberg's cloak, which is part of the school's historical collection.

Henry Muhlenberg was a patriarch of American Lutheranism, who helped start Lutheran churches from Pennsylvania to Georgia in the 1700s.

The exhibit will include 21 panels about the Muhlenberg family. Eight other regional churches with a connection to Muhlenberg will be involved in the event. In the future the exhibit will travel to three other churches in Virginia.


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