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Wells challenge wins award

World Hunger video recognized with five bronze statuettes

An animated online video about the ELCA World Hunger 100 Wells Challenge won five bronze Telly Awards for animation, art direction, cinematography, nonprofits and spirituality.

Still from videoWhile most ELCA videos are designed for adults, the one created for the 100 Wells Challenge appeals to youth aged 14 to 18, said David Creech, ELCA program director for hunger education.

After all, it's youth who are leading this effort to raise $250,000 (the cost of 100 wells) for ELCA World Hunger water projects.

Creech, TV animator Chris Anderson, ELCA digital media manager Philip Miller and ELCA marketing manager Laury Rinker worked on the video. It shows how "you can join your church in doing good work that empowers and respects communities around the world," Creech said.

View the video or give to the project at the ELCA website.


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