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Facing enormous need

Arizona café offers homecooking and care for those in need

Unemployment is at 50 percent in the endless desert punctuated by the tiny town of Rock Point, Ariz.

Hozho (harmony in the Navajo language)
Hozho ("harmony" in the Navajo language) Café is where seniors and other struggling people in Rock Point, Ariz., find home-cooked meals and caring hearts.

Diabetes, alcoholism and suicide are far too common among its 3,000 inhabitants. Food and water are scarce. Residents drive 20 miles to windmill-driven wells, where they fill plastic tubs and toss them back onto their trucks.

"Life's a struggle here," said Lynn Hubbard, an ELCA pastor and executive director of the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission, in operation since 1953 with House of Prayer Lutheran Church, a grade school and clinic.

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