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Ice cream wisdom

While leading devotions about gratitude for our seniors at Ebenezer Care Center, Minneapolis, I proposed the situation where a friend says, "There's nothing happening. Why don't we go out for some ice cream?" Don't our spirits rise and our burdens grow lighter with hope and gratitude? I asked. They agreed. Then a retired pastor, 95, said, "I feel sorry for Adam and Eve that they never got to taste a bowl of strawberry ice cream."

Don Knudson
Minneapolis, Minn.

jack flynnA meaty handout

Traditionally, my family holds hands during the blessing for our meals. One morning I bowed my head and extended my hand to my 19-month-old granddaughter. She handed me a link of sausage. 

Laine Ruehle
High Point, N.C.

One-word sermon

On Easter Sunday pastor called out three times, "He is living!" The congregation answered, "He is living indeed!" each one getting louder. After the last one a 4-year-old yelled, "Yeah!" Pastor said it was the best one-word sermon ever.

Cleo Neynaber
Bradenton, Fla. 

Found it

Our organist was mystified by a peculiar musical sound coming out of the organ pipes until remembering that the tuner had mentioned he had lost his cell phone.

David Peterson
Duluth, Minn.

ken wilkieCaught in time

North Memorial Hospice has an excellent reputation for having a caring staff. Fortunately, this typo in the newsletter of St. James Lutheran Church, Crystal, Minn., was caught at the proofreading stage: "A letter of thanks for the quilts donated to the hospice was signed: Sincerely, The Impatient Staff at North Memorial Hospice."

Nancy Lohmann
New Hope, Minn.

More bloopers

From the Dec. 18 bulletin of St. Joseph's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Allentown, Pa., was this sermon title: "Marry Your Sister in the Faith."

From a vacation Bible school newsletter at Epiphany Lutheran Church, Pickerington, Ohio: "Thursday night is our family program. At 7 p.m. kids will show us the songs they have learned and we'll watch a slide show of the week so far. Wear your shirts and be ready to sin!"


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