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Last Call at the Oasis

Film portrays the essential nature of water

Water is essential to our lives — without it humans die in three days. Water fuels our businesses, industries and agriculture. It provides us with much needed recreation.

An irrigation system.But instead of being good stewards of this precious resource, we have squandered it by our irresponsible habits and poisoned it with toxic chemicals and waste from agriculture and industries.

Now America is facing a water crisis that could well spell doom for cities like Las Vegas, areas of the country like Southern California, and millions of citizens who may not have access to fresh water.

The experts interviewed in this documentary say the longer we remain in denial about the seriousness of the global water crisis, the less likely it will be that future generations will have the bounties we take for granted.

Movie poster for 'Last Call at the One of the most interesting sections of this film deals with the popularity of bottled water (43 percent of which originates as tap water), the fear of municipal tap water, and the challenges facing those who want to get the public to accept recycled wastewater.

This is an important documentary that every family should see so they can be better stewards of water (Participant Media, not rated).


Robert Buntrock

Robert Buntrock

Posted at 4:21 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/14/2012

As I sceintist, I'd like to point out that water is the most commonyet most wonderful substance we'll ever encounter.  Oxygen is not the single requirement for life, liquid water is.  In Baptism, it's also a requirement for Christian life.  I've given "sermonettes" on this wonderful coincidence.

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