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Buzz off mosquitoes

Wisconsin congregation raises money for ELCA Malaria Campaign

A statistic was a call to action for the Sunday school children at Bone Lake Lutheran Church, Luck, Wis.

When their pastor, Mary Ann Bowman, told them that "one child under the age of 5 dies from malaria every 45 seconds in Sub-Saharan Africa," they did the math. They figured that during their one-hour worship service, 80 children would have died in Africa from malaria-infected mosquitoes.

Young and old alike enjoy the rides
 Young and old alike enjoy the rides that member David Buck offered on his homemade train for the carnival held by Sunday school youth at Bone Lake Lutheran Church, Luck, Wis.

They decided to help by raising money to buy bed nets through the ELCA Malaria Campaign.

To kick off their effort, the children worked for tips one Sunday. The youngest of them filled their tip cups by standing outside with a sign that said: "Please tip if you do not want me to park your car." Others helped people with their coats, served coffee and treats during the fellowship time, and escorted worshipers to and from their cars.

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