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Agnes would have said 'yes'

... to a baptism and a funeral

Cora Azalea Van Steenhuyse was only 5 weeks old when she met Agnes Thompson, her great-grandmother. Thompson, 96, had suffered a stroke and Cora's parents, Tessa and Tyler Van Steenhuyse from Urbandale, Iowa, brought Cora to the hospital so the two could meet.

Cora Azalea Van Steenhuyse was baptized
Cora Azalea Van Steenhuyse was baptized by Mark Urlaub at the beginning of her great-grandmother's funeral March 26.

"We were there three hours after getting the call from my mom," said Tessa Van Steenhuyse, Thompson's granddaughter. "We went with the hope of making it in time for Grandma to meet her ....

"I put Cora's hand inside Grandma's and they laid sleeping like that for about an hour. Later I asked Grandmother to squeeze my hand if she could hear me and if she had felt Cora, and she did. I'm certain she knew we were both there."

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