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The windup

Decision to get up, going to church becomes more complex, still basic

The burden of being married to me is never more obvious to my wife than on Sunday mornings. I set three alarm clocks the night before, fearful that I might miss the start of worship. Running into worship late, unable to find misplaced sermon notes, that's a pastor's worst nightmare. Not that my clocks have ever failed me. But what if they should someday?

When I forget to disarm the two I don't really need and they go off before dawn while I'm exercising in the basement, that's what exercises my spouse. Our marital unity gets tested every several Sundays.

You may not set an alarm clock on Saturday night. Many people don't. What's more fun than to wake up gently to birds singing? Or to hear the patter of rain on the bedroom window?

Looking up and out from the pillow, only to see storm clouds outside, causes some people to say: "No church for me today." Strangely enough, the same decision can happen when the sun is shining: "Ah, what a perfect day. Let's skip church and work in the garden. I can squeeze in a little golf first, can't I?"

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