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Small Mercies: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life

"God is our ultimate security system. Unlike an alarm which can lose its power or a dog that can be distracted, the Lord keeps a constant vigil over our lives," writes Nancy Jo Sullivan, an inspirational writer and speaker, in Small Mercies: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life.

Book cover: small merciesNow in the second half of her life, Sullivan sees signs of God's presence and grace all around her.

Foremost in her heart and mind is Sarah, a daughter with Down syndrome who died at age 20. Two other children are away from home, and her marriage ended 10 years ago. Feeling the strain of an empty nest, she becomes much more attentive to epiphanies of everyday spirituality, such as date cookies, smoothies, teddy bears and more.

Sullivan practices gratitude and makes it very clear to us that God's mercies shine through our loved ones, pets, homes and communities (Loyola Press, 2012).


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