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We Bought a Zoo

Benjamin (Matt Damon; in photo), a single parent of two children, is still mourning his wife's death. Wanting something new and completely different from the past, he purchases a house on 18 acres of land that includes the Rosemoor Animal Park, closed to the public but maintained for the 200 animals that live there. His brother can't believe this move and neither can Kelly (Scarlett Johansson; in photo), the zookeeper.

Twentieth century foxWith his enthusiasm and high energy, however, Benjamin reopens the park after handling one catastrophe after another, including a shortage of money, a tough inspector, an escape of a bear and an ailing tiger.

We Bought a Zoo is a fine family film that shows how a family deals with its grief by making another dream a reality. Some of the animals are spiritual teachers for Benjamin on the difficulty of letting go (20th Century Fox, PG).


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