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Prompts for prayer

Parents can help children find daily rhythms for prayers

Certain points in the day seem natural for prayer. In some families, bedtimes serve as soothing opportunities to end each evening with petitions to God. In other homes, meals mark the moments when families join together to give thanks for their food and blessings.

shutterstockPraying at set times can help family members establish lifelong habits of prayer, which adds richness to our lives as children of God. But when prayerfulness in families expands beyond bedtimes and mealtimes, it can help build even stronger foundations for faith formation, said Joy Alsop, a pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Belvidere, Ill.

"God is in the midst of everything, in all parts of our lives," said Alsop, a mother of a 16-month-old son. "Stopping for prayer and pausing at different times in the day helps remind us of that. It helps us feel a connection with God that's already there for us — and it lets us know that we have a source in our lives to turn to in all of the phases that come along."

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