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Assemblies discuss malaria, hunger and more

Youth representation and mission, bishop elections, also on agendas

As synods began meeting in assemblies this spring, discussion topics included eradicating malaria, hunger, youth representation and mission. Two synods elected new bishops, while one bishop was re-elected (see "Wickstrom and Gonia elected as Alaska, Rocky Mountain synod bishops").

Rocky Mountain Synod conference deans
Rocky Mountain Synod conference deans brought water from rivers throughout the synod and poured them into the font at the thanksgiving for baptism, which opened the synod's assembly.

Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod
April 13-15
Tulsa, Okla.

• Supported the ELCA Malaria Campaign with a commitment as individuals and congregations "to continue as partners in the healing ministry of Jesus by preventing and treating malaria through prayer, advocacy, education and fundraising."

• Asked congregations to sponsor Oaks Indian Mission Support Sunday (the mission in Oaks, Okla., provides children in need a safe and loving home while preparing them to be healthy contributing adults).

• Approved giving vote at assemblies to interim pastors serving synod congregations.

Eastern North Dakota Synod
April 21-22
Fargo, N.D.

• Urged congregations to increase giving to ELCA World Hunger.

• Voted to install a peace pole at University Lutheran Center in Fargo, where the synod office and resource center will be housed beginning in June.

• Met under the theme "Raising Up Children of God," with youth and young adults playing a significant part in the gathering as voting members, assembly planners, worship and music leaders, and workshop presenters.

Rocky Mountain Synod
April 26-28
Colorado Springs, Colo.

• Affirmed the process as Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, Calif., and California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, discuss a potential merger.

• Gave thanks for its companion partnerships with synods of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, asking for continued oversight of these relationships as it moves into new synodical administration.

Alaska Synod
April 26-28
Eagle River, Alaska

• Created a seat on its council for a representative from the synod youth network.

• Gave its support to Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, Calif., and California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, as the institutions discuss a possible merger.

• Committed to help end hunger.

Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod
April 27-20
Irving, Texas

• Endorsed the synod's ongoing "DiscipleLife Alive!" campaign to raise $3 million to expand its capacity for mission and leadership development (half of the total has been pledged).

• Agreed to support the ELCA Malaria Campaign through prayer, advocacy, education and raising $160,000 by 2015.


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