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Gay marriage opposition lowers

Opposition to gay marriage is significantly lower in 2012 compared to the previous two presidential campaigns, reports the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

For the first time, the level of strong support for gay marriage is equal to its opposition. Twenty-two percent of Americans say they strongly favor permitting legal marriage for gays and lesbians; an identical percentage said they strongly oppose it.

In 2004, opposition was more than three times higher than support, 36 percent to 11 percent.


Donald Bohlken

Donald Bohlken

Posted at 11:30 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/2/2012

It's fascinating that The Lutheran would report this poll but completely failed to report the only poll that really counts, the one at the ballot box.  In May, North Carolina became the 31st state in a row to adopt an amendment to protect marriage as created by God, one man and one woman.  The margin was 61% for the amendment to 39% against. The amendment won most republicans, nearly half of Democrats and Independents, and a strong majority of African Americans. www.minnesotaformarriage.com

It is interesting to note that two public opinion polls eight months before the election showed that the amendment would fail.  A Public Policy Polling survey showed that the amendment would lose by 55% to 30%. www.publicpolicypolling.com; A poll by Elon University showed similar results, the amendment was to lose by 56% to 39%. Http://www.wral.com/news/state/nccapitol/story/10206010 The reality at the ballot box was the reverse of that predicted by these opinion polls. 

Note: Donald Bohlken edited this post at 11:53 pm on 6/2/2012.

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