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One Lucky Elephant

Critics call "deeply moving" film about elephant and ringmaster

Elephants, the largest land mammals living today, are amazing creatures, known for their considerable intelligence, extraordinary memory, and delight in living in herds.

raffe photographyThis deeply moving documentary is about the friendship between Flora the circus elephant and ringmaster David Balding (photo), who adopted the 2-year-old African orphan, raised her, and trained her to be the star of his show.

But after many years of performing together under the big tent, she tires of her routines.

Balding realizes it's time for Flora to retire and be with other elephants. But it isn't easy finding her a new home.

This wonderful documentary by Lisa Leeman is a complex and thought-provoking meditation on relationships between species and will touch you as an example of caring and compassion (Virgil Films and Entertainment, not rated).


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