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Pausing for Pentecost

Celebrate the Spirit in your family

Celebrating the major events of the church year is a tradition in many families. On Easter morning, some families begin the day with worship at a sunrise service or colorful eggs dot the lawn as children fill their baskets. On Christmas Eve, a figurine of baby Jesus may appear in the family's nativity.

But another major festival in the life of the Christian community — Pentecost — isn't as likely to be on the celebration schedule in most homes. Pentecost, which falls 50 days after Easter, marks the beginning of the church and the coming of the Spirit.

photodisc"There's always so much going on at this time of the year that it seems like we don't give as much attention to Pentecost, but it is such a major occurrence in church history," said Devra Betts, the ministry coordinator of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Las Vegas.

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