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Project 'Summer Seeds'

Sunday school continues into the summer at Rockford, Ill. congregation

Yes, you can have Sunday school during the summer. Members learned this at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Rockford, Ill., through playful learning stations where children planted the seeds for a lifelong relationship with God.

Members Sara Fleming and Andrea Mahan were both Montessori mothers. So they started putting their ideas together and developed a Montessori-style summer Sunday school experience.

Sunday school continues into the summer
Sunday school continues into the summer at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Rockford, Ill. These children (names withheld for privacy) begin their day at the worship circle for discussion of the day's theme.

Promotional material says children "are given the freedom to learn about God at their own speed and within the boundaries of their own current knowledge, setting the foundation for a lifetime quest for greater understanding and experience of God."

Using the theme "Summer Seeds," a garden plan started growing. First job was to clear out the "stuffed" closets in the primary Sunday school room — just like preparing the soil. Seeds were planted, developing into a garden complete with a worship circle, library reading tent, art easels, a global village corner, a sound stage with keyboards and headphones, a yoga mat with mirror, an offering altar, costume dress-up station, video area, community art canvas, service work choices, and Bible story workstations.

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