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Graduation refreshments

Congregation celebrates participants' completion of drug-court program

For the past five years Sally Johnson, Nadine Lafuze and Barbara Bell, members of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Dalton, Ga., have provided a behind-the-scenes ministry to a specific community population.

shutterstockFour or five times each year they serve refreshments after graduation ceremonies from Conasauga Drug Court, a program for first-time offenders.

The drug court is dedicated to reducing drug-related criminal offenses. Its outcomes are in the 99th percentile, with other counties using it as a model for their programs.

"The folks at Christ the King have built a bridge to us by offering themselves to help us heal the hurt of addiction," the drug court coordinator said when the women and John P. Rossing, pastor, were named "Citizens of the Week" for their support of people with drug and alcohol addictions.

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