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Not so fast

Expression of old, old story as relevant to human yearnings as when first written

After many years of life and ministry, I've learned that when someone takes a position that moves us to one extreme, more times than not perspective has been lost and the importance of the other side is overlooked. So it is with "Insiders and outsiders" in the February issue of The Lutheran.

There the author writes: "To embrace relevance, we will have to let go of survival."

design picsHowever, the opposite pole of relevance is identity, not survival. Sometimes for the sake of change one is in danger of selling out one's soul — the core of what gives identity, meaning, purpose and connectedness not only to what is, but yes, to what has been.

Tradition has become a dirty word in contemporary society — a society that is all too quick to jump from one fad to another or to walk away from relationships in search of an elusive "something better." Just because something has been around for a while doesn't make it irrelevant.

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Embracing diversity