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Malaysia: New Lutheran Study Center opens

Theologians, dancers and a choir participate in symposium

With presentations from theologians, dancers and a choir, Sabah Theological Seminary in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, opened a new Lutheran Study Center with a March 7-9 symposium on Lutheran theology.

Run by the [Lutheran] Basel Christian Church of Malaysia, the ecumenical seminary offers theological training for laypeople and clergy in the Behasa Malaysia, Mandarin and English languages.

Photo by Twila SchockThe center, said its coordinator Michael Press, was launched by the region's Lutheran churches so they could become more rooted in their Lutheran identity. The center will offer a Lutheran-specific curriculum and programs, partner with the seminary and serve as a resource for Lutheran churches in the region.

At the symposium, pastors from countries including Malaysia, China, India and Australia heard a wide variety of theologians discuss the theme "Law and Gospel: Learning to Discern the Lutheran Way of Relationship with God."

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