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The Little Lutheran, then and now

Two different issues, 60 years apart

In 1952, the United Lutheran Church in America produced a stewardship report called "The Little Lutheran." Produced and distributed by the ULCA Lutheran Laymen's Movement for Stewardship, it was intended to explain church funding to families.

In 2007, The Lutheran began producing a magazine of that same name for children aged 7 and younger. Today The Little Lutheran is a resource to help families with faith formation through colorful art, Bible stories, songs, sign language, activities, profiles of Christian leaders and more. With a subscription, parents can tell their children how much God loves them and that Jesus is their savior and friend.

For church history buffs, the ULCA could be said to be an ELCA grandparent. In 1962 the ULCA, Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church and American Evangelical Lutheran Church merged to form the Lutheran Church in America. Then in 1987, the LCA, the American Lutheran Church and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches came together as the ELCA.

Two resources called 'The Little Lutheran'


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