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Reaching inactives at Easter and Christmas

12 ways to make a lasting connection

Lent and Easter (as well as Advent and Christmas) tend to generate the greatest traffic from folks who almost never attend throughout the year but reconnect with the church community during these holy seasons. Church leaders acknowledge, celebrate and at times bemoan the countless quasi-visitors during Lent and especially at Easter. But they tend not to consider that these are times to woo the less active back into more active involvement.

These holy days should never be an occasion to berate inactive members for their lack of engagement weekly. Rather, they are perfect opportunities to remind everyone of your congregation's great activities, opportunities for ministry and small groups.

Design Pics / SW ProductionsDuring the holy weeks around Easter, when congregations commemorate Jesus' sacrificial act and celebrate his resurrection, you can also spread the message that your congregation offers fulfilling worship services and activities 52 weeks a year — not just during these high holy days.

Now is the time, not just to collect for ELCA World Hunger, Habitat for Humanity or Bread for the World, but also to display and acknowledge the many service and ministry groups and opportunities available. Passion plays and skits by children and youth draw in extended family members. So what better time to let them know about the educational and spiritual enrichment opportunities for all ages throughout the year?

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