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Liturgy articles on target and timely

Readers take a range of views, mostly dim, of specifics in other stories

The March issue was fantastic. The articles on the liturgy ("Our Lutheran liturgy" and "Liturgy is the 'what'") were informative and timely. They will be especially helpful to our congregation as we seek to define our musical identity and search for a music director. I loved the cover and accompanying photos. Perhaps I'm biased because I was a cheerleader? The magazine keeps getting better. Peter W. Marty's columns are thought-provoking and I learn something new about familiar Bible stories each month. The "Deeper understandings" series has been enlightening. Walter Wangerin Jr.'s columns are raw and real. Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson conveys the gospel in a conversational tone with clarity and passion. Thank you for keeping us informed about the ELCA, for challenging us to think about the hard questions of life, and for helping us live out and share our faith in Jesus Christ.

Ann Greenawalt
Odenton, Md.

Offensive cover

Have you all gone so far around the bend that you cannot see the inappropriateness of your March cover? The Lutheran was almost in the trash when I realized this was the magazine of my church. Wow and double wow. Sex sells. I hope it was worth it.

Bob Fritz
Hazleton, Pa.

Think again

Some comments on "Thou shall not covet" (March, "My view"): There would be millions of people who would be hungry and homeless without their Social Security checks. Those collecting have paid in to Social Security during their working lifetime. Without the health care provided by our tax dollars many would die and their death would be on our heads. Without public schools much of our population would be illiterate. Remember, Jesus paid the temple tax and Paul exhorted the people to pay their government taxes.

Duane Thompson
Kelso, Wash.

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