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Easter humor from our readers

joseph kogan

I was teaching a third- and fourth-grade Sunday school class the Easter story at Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Anaheim, Calif. When I got to the part about Peter denying Christ, I asked, "What happened when Peter denied Christ for the third time?" I called on a boy who was wildly waving his hand, and he enthusiastically shouted, "The crow cocked!"

Andrea Mathews
Anaheim, Calif.

Where is the resurrection?

After a wedding ceremony, the ring bearer asked, "Where is the resurrection?" I answered, "It happens up in heaven." When he gave me a puzzled look, I asked, "Do you mean the reception?" He replied, "Yeah, that's it! Where's that limo?"

Carol Trapp Lorimer
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Easter flush

On an Easter morning a couple of years ago, my daughter turned to flush the toilet in the church restroom when her cell phone fell in. She yelled, "Oh, my God, Oh, my God" as she watched the automatic flush toilet take it away. To make matters worse, she came out of the restroom and her daughter said: "Mom, you look so flushed." Not surprisingly, upon receiving the report the cell phone company declared it a "lost phone."

Dorothy J. Jentoft
Beloit, Wis.

Business in Nazareth

New Testament storefronts in Nazareth from the vacation Bible school program at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Louisville, Ky.:

• Friends Ambulance — "Our service is through the roof"

• Seven Maidens' Oil — "Never leave yourself in the dark"

• Peter's Fish & Chips

• Magdalene's Perfumes

• Little Boy Eatery — "Daily special: fish sandwiches"

• Saul's Tents — "Rabbi made, so you know they are good"

• Eye of the Needle Camels

• Zacchaeus Tax Service — "Don't cut yourself short"

• Mary & Martha's Bed and Breakfast

• The Upper Room — "Small parties welcome"

• Lazarus Second Time Around Shop

• John's Trail Store — "For mountaintop experiences"

• Joseph's Carpentry Shop

• Pastor Kerri, Detective — "Lost sheep service" (office door)

• Temple Money Changers (main office)

Karen and Glenn Eisenbrey
Louisville, Ky.


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