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Getting down and dirty

Children commemorate Rogation Sunday with crafts

On this Sunday, parents let their kids play in the dirt.

For years members of Prairie Lutheran Parish in Stanley, N.D., have celebrated Rogation Sunday. Farmers are invited to bring in water, soil and seeds. Ranchers bring in pictures of their farms. These are all displayed as visual reminders of how God is at work where people make their livelihoods.

Collins Wendt and Annie Roise enjoy
Collins Wendt enjoys a morning making artwork with glue, dirt and seeds during Rogation Sunday held by Prairie Lutheran Parish, Stanley, N.D.

The display includes signs such as "Remember you are but dirt"; "Washed in the water"; and "Where the word plants its seed."

The items are then blessed, representing God blessing the many elements that go into feeding the world.

The local soil conservation district provides materials about being good stewards of the land and prayers and thanksgiving to God.

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