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The New Traditional Church

Our nondenominational sister congregations have the same problems we do: despite band-led worship and media ministries to rival paid art studios, they also have inactives and members who leave in nearly the same percentages cited on in "Inactive members."

In The New Traditional Church (Amazon Digital Services), pastor and church consultant Tony Morgan makes some great observations. On one hand, many contemporary congregations have turned their innovations into a "new traditionalism" that can't be challenged or changed.

In digging into what draws people into growing "contemporary" congregations, he wonders what would happen if these churches let go of their modern complexity and cult of personal choice and focused on four things: participate in corporate worship; read your Bible; serve others; and make disciples. The church shifts focus from keeping ourselves happy to a sacrificial serving of others. He finds that what grows congregations is a relational simplicity that has been the traditional core of the church since the Acts of the Apostles.


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