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Undie Sunday

Congregations collect bare necessities for those in need

Martin Luther Lutheran Church in Milwaukee held an "Undie Sunday" in January. The church's publicity tweet? "Underwear and worship come together in the name of the gospel!"

design picsThe congregation collected new underwear and soap to share with families in need through the Cathedral Center, an emergency shelter serving women and families. Said the organizers, "In rough economic times, basic needs are sometimes the hardest to come by, so we are loving our neighbors by providing 'unmentionables.' ... One more way we are the body of Christ."

St. John Lutheran Church in Summerfield, Fla., does something similar. They collected underwear, socks and supplies for an elementary school since students have outgrown clothing and used up supplies by January. Their pitch? "Please drop off your undies. ... In the designated drop box in the entranceway."


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