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Turning full circle

... after 10 years away

David Lintvedt's life has turned full circle since returning to church after a 10-year hiatus. His journey since joining Trinity Lutheran Church, Staten Island, N.Y., has included receiving his master of divinity degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and becoming a member of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Pennsburg, Pa.

michael d. watsonLintvedt, a single parent, remains active at St. Mark as a council member and Sunday School teacher. He also fills in for when the pastor is away.

Even though Lintvedt has not followed the path to ordained ministry, he said he feels "called to be of service and to use my education to share the word with people. To let them know that the gospel is for them too. Christ is here for all of us. I enjoy the feeling that we are all in this together. Ministry happens by everyone. We are all called into the priesthood of all believers that Luther talks about."

Lintvedt's experience as an inactive church member influences how he treats newcomers today. "It's important to welcome people, but not pressure them to come back," he said. "To just let them know that this is a welcoming place."


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