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You know those days where you go nonstop and feel, at the end of it, like you did something that really matters?

Paul Sherry, former president of the United Church of Christ and current director of the Interfaith Worker Justice D.C. Policy Office, had one of those days last fall.

He started off at a morning prayer vigil in Washington, D.C., with a bunch of supporters and the 10 other religious leaders arrested for praying in the Capitol's rotunda during the debt-ceiling crisis last summer. At the same time, supporters all over the country joined in an online prayer vigil for the "Interfaith 11."

Businessman considering crossAfter the vigil, Sherry and his 10 friends went to have their day in court. They explained they had been in the rotunda that summer day to call on members of both parties to work together for the sake of our nation. They weren't being partisan or radical in any way. They were just standing together, joined in prayer for our nation's leaders, asking God to help us come together to support people in poverty who are the "least of these."

When the 11 refused to leave, they were arrested.

The U.S. attorney dismissed the charges as long as they promised to stay out of the rotunda for the next six months.


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