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Vocational heights

and humorous signs of the times

Our daughter-in-law recently emailed this exchange she had with her 5-year-old who loves Norwegian lefse and asks for some every time she visits us:

Anja: Mom, did you ever work in a hospital?

Mom: No, I didn't.

Anja: Grandma Kaye did. And then she grew up to be a lefse maker.

Kaye Norman
Redwood Falls, Minn.

"You're the team from the seminary?"

Signs of the times

After our dinner prayer, my eldest son, Ian, asked: "Dad, what does 'Amen' mean?" As I paused to summon an answer, he offered, "Send?"

Joel C. Winter
Long Grove, Ill.

The ELCA mission start in Marshfield, Mass., defines "phone" on the contact page of its website as "the kind you plug into the wall."

Sister Virginia E. Strahan
Wellesley, Mass.

Sign posted on a hand truck loaded with boxes: "Pastor — Please put these in the attic this weekend with a church member. Thank you!"

Sharon Engstrom
South Bend, Ind.

"According to the rule book, they are illegal numbers. But what the heck, we're a church league."

And signs of old times ...

At St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Louisville, Ky., we had some fun naming these Old Testament storefronts:

• Adam and Eve Tailors

• Noah's Ark Tours (pets welcomed)

• Babel Communications — "Our tower is the biggest"

• Lot's Seasoning

• Moses' Travel Agency — "We really get around"

• Miriam Dance Studios

• Delilah's Beauty Salon — "Specializing in short styles"

• Jonah Cruise Lines — "We keep the costs scaled down"

• Daniel Animal Trainers — "We can train the biggest cats around"

Karen and Glenn Eisenbrey
Louisville, Ky.

(Next month: New Testament storefronts.)

O positive

Gracie, 9, asked her parents, "What blood type does God have?" Quick thinking Mom and Dad replied, "Omnipotent Positive."

James H. Johnson
Columbia S.C.


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