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The Last Lions

Film reveals struggle for survival

In the popular mind, the lion is the "king of the beasts," ranking at the top of the food chain. These powerful and lithe carnivores are highly social animals. Male lions rule the pride (ranging from five to 35 members), but the lionesses do most of the hunting.

Beverly JoubertThese magnificent creatures deserve smart, committed and creative advocates—they have two in Derek and Beverly Joubert, the writers and directors of The Last Lions.

The Jouberts spent seven years filming lions in the wild and three years editing hundreds of hours of footage.

The result is an astonishing documentary about the struggle for survival of a lioness and her three cubs. She faces many rivals and enemies in defending her young ones.

The Jouberts have made it easy for us to empathize with this lioness, but they don't anthropomorphize her. They ask us to see her as she is — a predatory and protective animal who deserves our respect as a dazzling creature in God's creation (National Geographic Entertainment — rated PG).


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