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Eyes wide open, yet blindsided

Can't anticipate all viewpoints

Sometimes you just don't see it coming. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have, you just didn't because your take on the world is, well, your take. Others see things differently. Despite trying to be aware of others' sensitivities, some things still catch you by surprise.

Most articles published in The Lutheran stir no reaction at all from readers, while others prompt a lively, healthy exchange of viewpoints. As most readers know, I try to explain in this space the rationale for publishing (or not publishing) some articles that I believe may draw criticism.

Recently three articles received unanticipated sharp rebukes. The first two involved the eucharist. "Applesauce communion" (February) concerned making the wafer soft for an elderly woman who has difficulty swallowing. Some took offense at adding anything to the host (Letters).

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