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No complaints

From time to time I need to be blunt about simple living. With some hesitation (will being blunt make any difference?) I want to share with you the idea that most of us have little or no reason for complaining about our lifestyles. You can judge whether any of the following shoes fit any of your feet: 

  • If you spend more than two hours per day playing on your favorite electronic device, don’t protest that you don’t have enough hours to develop a prayer discipline.
  • If your children are engaged in more than two or three extracurricular sports, don’t whine about your lack of quality family time.
  • If your congregation doesn’t help people de-clutter their lives, don’t complain about the lack of volunteers for your ministries.
  • If you think “on sale” is always a good reason to buy stuff, don’t nag your spouse about your family budget being out of whack.
  • If there are more snacks in your pantry than veggies and fruits in your fridge, don’t criticize food manufacturers about your obesity.
  • If you spend more virtual than face-to-face time with online or text-savvy friends, don’t carp about “the shallowness of relationships in society.”
  • If you use your credit or debit cards willy-nilly, don’t grumble about banks that ding you with overdraft charges and high interest rates.
  • If you’re not able to say “no!” to any request or invitation, don’t complain about your lack of sleep.

My point in these examples? Most of what’s messed-up in our lives is the result of our choices. We have only ourselves to blame. Thankfully there’s a way out: you are likely surrounded by people — they’re called “the church” — who can help you. 

So, no complaining, OK? You have better shoes to wear.


Evelyn Viscomi

Evelyn Viscomi

Posted at 3:55 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/31/2012

So True!!

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