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Minnesota church acts out Jesus' ride into Jerusalem

The congregation of First Lutheran, Litchfield, Minn., is proud to present the Palm Sunday pageant.

Scene 1: The narthex. Picture the gates to the city and a welcome sign.

Scene 2: Jerusalem. With a dash of imagination, carpet tubes, coat hanger wire, plaster of Paris and green tagboard are turned into palm trees.

Appliance boxes are transformed into houses. Adults help reassemble the boxes and cut doors and windows.

The youth then use their artistic abilities to decorate their houses. (Aside: Members start collecting large appliance cartons and carpet tubes in December.)

Scene 3: The procession. Palm leaves are ordered, costumes are fitted and scarves to line the "road" are handed out.

Scene 4: The Temple. The altar becomes the entrance to the temple.
Once the scenes are set, the Palm Sunday procession begins.


Keith Garrick

Keith Garrick

Posted at 11:15 pm (U.S. Eastern) 2/5/2008

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