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A faith like mine

New column features parenting resources that work

A Faith Like Mine by Laura Buller (DK Publishing, 2005).

This easy-to-read reference guide gives children a photo-packed tour of the world's major religions and how people across the globe observe their traditions.

A faith like mineThe book begins with descriptions of the universal aspects of faith (defining it as what people "trust, hold true and are loyal to") and includes a color-coded map outlining each country's primary religion.

An overview of the major world religions — including those less commonly found in the U.S. such as Zoroastrianism and Baha'i — follows with short commentaries from young people.

With a colorful and quick-paced format, this book can be a starting point for parents to engage their family in conversations about how religious beliefs are similar and different, and how they give purpose and comfort to youngsters across the globe.


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