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Shakespeare Club

Congregation opens doors to community group

The Shakespeare Club gathers three times a year on Saturday mornings at Christ Lutheran Church, Aptos, Calif. The group began using Christ's facilities in 2010, though they had been gathering for more than eight years under the direction of a retired English professor from local Cabrillo College.

© istockphoto.com/claudiodiviziaIn January, about 30 to 35 people, most of them from the community, began meeting again to read Hamlet. A guest speaker gives an introduction prior to each initial reading. Then, each week, a "director" assigns parts to "actors."

Member Edita McQuary is part of the group. She also edits the church's newsletter, where the pitch to join the group was: "It is way more fun than your high school English class and no grade!"

The club enables the church to be visible to the community, McQuary said. It recently held a fundraising play, "Romeo and Juliet Meets Law & Order," that raised more than $700. The group gave nearly $500 to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County, which the church's community garden supports, and the remaining amount to a Cabrillo College scholarship.

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