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Seasonal singing

Children interpret Christmas hymns

Our 3-year-old grandson made this astute comment regarding Christmas: "Whoever invented Christmas did a great job with the music!"

Diane Halom
Stoughton, Wis.

bob vojtko
“Nice, but I’d stick with your original gift of myrrh.”

My kids' favorite Epiphany song is "We Three Kings of Orient Are." But instead of "field and fountain, moor and mountain" their version includes the phrase "Fear the fountains, more than mountains."

Karen Southward
Pickerington, Ohio

Angelic babysitter

Grandma Hardy took Nevaeh, 4, to an auto parts store. As she looked at the rack of key chains, she finally got to one she knew: "There's Mary and baby Jesus." Grandma asked who the third person (the angel) was, and Nevaeh answered, "Oh that's the babysitter."

Diane Jensen
Humboldt, Iowa

Christmas 'help'

I volunteered to fill in for the parish secretary of Little Zion (Indianfield) Lutheran Church, Telford, Pa., during her vacation. I prepared the bulletin and the pastor proofread it for the most part. What a surprise Sunday morning when the pastor pointed out that on Friday morning people were encouraged to help in the "undecorating" of the church, not the "undercoating" as was listed on the bulletin calendar. Our beloved Arlene is in no danger of losing her job to a volunteer.

Wayne Ledger
Telford, Pa.

bill and bob thomas
“Nice job kid!”

Precocious preschooler

I team-teach 3- and 4-year-olds at Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Washington, D.C., with my wife, Lisa, and our friend, Chari. One Sunday, I taught solo. We colored pictures, dressed in prophet costumes and said our prayers. Class seemed to be going well, but apparently not: I had forgotten the snack. I could sense the frustration when Axel, 3, whispered to my son, Emmett, 4: "Isn't your mommy going to be here today?'

Mel Antonen
Washington, D.C.


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