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A ride of honor

Rose Parade float honors Paul Rossmeissl and other organ donors

There was one float in this year's Rose Parade that had special meaning for Hedy Rossmeissl.

That's because the float contained a floralgraph of her husband Paul, who died in a bicycle accident in 2006.

The float was sponsored by Donate Life America, which featured people whose donations of organs and tissue have saved lives. Paul was selected for the float as a representative of the Washington [D.C.] Regional Transplant Community.

Paul Rossmeissl (inset) was one of
Paul Rossmeissl was one of the organ donors honored through the Donate Life float at this year's Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif.

"In the past few years I've paid more attention to the float," said Hedy Rossmeissl, a member of Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Reston, Va. "I was called in February and told that Paul would be recognized. It's an honor."

The WRTC paid for Rossmeissl and her daughter, Rachael, to travel to Pasadena for the parade.

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