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Happy Feet Two

Critics laud film for its characters, music and themes

"If you can walk, you can dance" is an African proverb that expresses the sentiments of an emperor penguin community in Antarctica, where strange and startling changes are taking place in the climate and environment.

Warner Bros,Mumble and Gloria are stunned when their young son Erik declares that he doesn't like dancing and runs off to the Adelie Land penguin community.

There he is fascinated by a flying penguin. After his father takes him back home, they discover that a large part of a glacier has broken off and trapped all the other penguins in an ice basin with no way to get food.

This sequel to Happy Feet is directed by George Miller and is a total delight from start to finish with its quirky characters (especially Will and Bill, two krill looking for adventure, and Bryan the Beachmaster, a pugnacious elephant seal), soaring songs, and the heroism of many different animals banding together in the face of an eco-disaster (Warner Bros, PG — some rude humor, mild peril).


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