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'Shhhh. Later.'

How parents can help children participate in silence during worship

Q: My son, 9, likes to start conversations with me during Sunday morning worship — especially when it's quiet. How can I encourage him to better honor my need for worship and prayer?

A: Kids enjoy their parents' attention, whether they're in church or not.

photodiscIt's often helpful for children to have items in the pew to occupy their hands and minds, such as a drawing pad or pipe cleaners to shape into designs.

Take time to engage your child in a conversation about why you worship and explain why your focus can't remain solely on him. Worship is about expressing the relationship you have with God and growing in your connection with Christ.

By framing worship in relational terms, you help your child realize that you're giving your attention to Christ — and he may better understand that his behavior keeps you from spending time with God.


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