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Saying 'I'm sorry'

Apologizing to kids teaches forgiveness, reconciliation skills

It was a long day at work and a slog of a commute home. Your nerves are frayed. As you walk through the door, the kids come yelling at full volume, demanding your attention.

At stressful times like this, parents aim to keep their cool with their children — but they sometimes come up short-tempered. Even the most patient moms or dads can overreact, raise their voices, misjudge situations and say things they wind up regretting. It's not unusual for parents to look back at these times and ask themselves: "Should I tell the kids I'm sorry?"

designpics"A lot of parents wonder about when or whether they should apologize to their kids, but there's not a single answer that's right for each family, each time," said Dana Larson, a parent educator and case manager at Crossroads Family Resource Center in Toledo, Ohio, which is affiliated with Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio.

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