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A boat for Juan

Pennsylvania Sunday school helps a Salvadoran fisherman

"I need to take some money for Juan's boat," 4-year-old Angel (last name not provided) announced to her mom on the way out the door to Sunday school. Responding to her mother's perplexed look she added, "It's true, Mom, he lives in El Salvador and needs to feed his family."

Sunday school classes at St. Stephen
Sunday school classes at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, New Kingstown, Pa., celebrate St. Stephen's Day and Boxing Day by collecting money for people in need

Angel put her money in a "Stephen box" at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, New Kingstown, Pa. Each year the congregation puts boxes in Sunday school classrooms to raise funds for a specific mission.

The "Stephen" in "Stephen's Box" stands for more than the church's name. Members discovered that Boxing Day, the English tradition of giving to the poor, coincided with St. Stephen's Day, which honors the church's first martyr (Dec. 26). So they combine the two purposes and use their offerings as a gift for someone in need.

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